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Self doubt is where potential goes to die .

What’s that little voice in the back of your mind saying to you today ? Or maybe it’s the cold voice in your ear taking an small but very important Piece  of you that made you at least a little sure of yourself . It’s been said that it’s not who you are that holds you back it’s who you think you’re not . Take an moment and read that again .How many times do you say  something during the day and question to yourself if what you said was too assertive or not assertive enough ? How do we ever know if we are doing things the accurate way ? I live day to day carrying myself in an “mostly male “ profession. No matter how much respect you earn there is always more to be sought . You have two apparent choices when certain circumstances arise , evade to protect your feelings to remain sure of who you are or you can face head on and put yourself in the vulnerability seat . For the most part I’d say I put myself In The  latter category taking whatever possible failure as an lesson learned . My advice is often questioned or valued nevertheless I remain open to share . Today I witnessed someone I care about very much look disappointed in herself because she did not know something that was being demanded she be educated on . Seeing her upset with herself after she had “put herself out there “ made me angry , it made me want to grab that self entitled jerk and tell him what he could do with his demeaning attitude. Immediately after the swine had walked away I took her aside and showed her how to efficiently (and impressively) nail the next time she ends up in that scenario again so she can be sure of herself and her answers . Confidence is loud , it’s so loud that it’s hard to ignore . And whether we realize it or not confidence  is a vital part of self love .Do not let self doubt  or the doubt from others  kill your urge  to show off your potential.  With  that I am leaving you at 1:47 am after an very long day of  Being an mom and proving  many that they should not take anything for face value . There is always more to who is in front of you  just be nice  and give them an chance ! 

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