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The path less traveled

Think back to when you were a kid , okay now try to remember what you wanted to be when you grew up . How crazy do you think that idea is now ? How many of you are exactly what you aspired to be at that age ? When I was young I don’t remember wanting to grow up to be one thing , but here’s a few careers I had in mind ; pediatrician , massage therapist and hair stylist . The one I wanted to be the most was pediatrician I mean who doesn’t want to save lives am I right ? 😂 If you ask me which path I chose now I’d tell you if I’m being brave I am an stay at home mommy who writes  , runs an complete business and never misses any school events . If I’m being honest I’d tell you I am an full time mom and full time employee who is on the forefront of making her small business an success and aspiring hairstylist. Notice it’s still not one thing 💁🏻‍♀️ What’s your brave path ? And what are you doing to achieve that path ? If the answer is your paths  are the same (meaning your brave path and your honest path are the same ) I am more than happy for you ! Congratulations you no longer have an doubt about what you should be doing ! If they are not the same guess what that does not mean it will not happen . The one thing I did today to accomplish my brave path was order an new keyboard case for my I pad , and guess what it counts as an small success . You have to remember no matter how small your steps are they always count in the race !  Goals do not finish after one movement it takes an series of small medium or large movements to achieve  do not give up !

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