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This mom thing ain’t easy

What is  our worst fears as parents ? Is it that we aren’t raising them to be productive members of society , we must instill the correct and full amount of manners and ethics ? Other than the obvious of our children being harmed or treated unfairly mine would be that my daughter doesn’t learn to love herself . Now before you say “well of course she will “ just give me a brief chance to explain why that thought applies to the here and now .Two nights ago my daughter had told my mother while laying down for bed that she doesn’t like herself because the girls at school are mean to her . Now me being the fierce momma bear I unconditionally am my first reaction was and which girls would that be ?!? My daughter has been having troubles in school as she’s a little “extra” and doesn’t know how to calm down her dramaturgy behavior. Kids these days can be so mean and of course it is learned behavior, but as a mother the thought that my daughter is unhappy with herself has been weighing me down like two tons on my chest . So we are now working on affirmations for her little soul to remember when this mean world tries to change her , this morning’s affirmation was “im different and that’s okay 👌🏻 you don’t have to love me I love myself “ we packed her lunchbox and sent her off only after an major bear hug . As an after thought it was made clear to me how important extra encouragement is to our little people  and that we are their most important cheerleaders . And the way we speak about ourselves in front of our children set an tone for how they speak about themselves. If you have any encouraging memos or affirmations to pass on   please comment below because momming ain’t easy and it takes an village ❤️ 

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