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To fresh beginnings

To begin the new year fresh right ? That’s the intention isn’t it , that’s the big goal . But first let us reiterate what the goal is because we can’t make an new play if we haven’t set up one in the first place . My families goal for 2019 was to create financial freedom and  to create memories instead of worrying about buying shiny new toys . But how do we make an new plan ? Simple 2019 we didn’t start out with an plan we just let things go the way the way they go . So to create an family game plan we wrote down one bad habit to quit in 2020 that will help each of us individually accomplish the team goal . What was my goal you may be wondering, well it took all but two minutes to decide that looking into my  idle time is what will be the best for the collective , do you ever stop and think about all the time we waste ? 😱 Being an mom to some very fast growing children this concept put more than just panic into my thoughts but regret . All of the times we sit on our phones and get lost in the scroll what should I have been doing (brace yourself the answer may hit home ) I should have been looking around , I should have been sitting on the floor Making green playdoh pancakes in Cocina de Ainsley . The best green pancakes around if you’re wondering. As I’m straying away I’m sure you’re wondering how playing with my daughter would help my goals for the year , it’s simple when we are spending time on our phones mindlessly we can’t disconnect after an business call or meeting because we are so used to continuing the habit . My goal is to spend time that goes towards our little family owned business so once that conference call or customer service call is over I know business is done it’s time to enjoy what I’ve missed . If 2019 went as quick for you as it did for me I’m sure you are nodding your head and thinking about what you’d like to change also .  How does that help me make me reach OUR goal ; To be working the business with value and intention instead of “getting it over with “ so once the day is done we don’t need to revisit , and making each task matter . 

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